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    About us

    Hubei Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd. is specializing in R&D, production and sales of epoxy curing agent related products. It also deals in epoxy resin, VC-COPOLYMER, epoxy reactive diluent, benzyl alcohol, benzyl chloride and other related products. 
    The company firmly believes that science and technology are the primary productive forces, continuously increase product research and development, and continuously optimize the industrial structure. Products are widely used in coatings, adhesives, electronic materials, sealant, composite materials and other fields.
    The company is headquartered in Wuhan, Hubei Province, a thoroughfare of nine provinces, and the factory is located in Yujiahu Industrial Park, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. The company has warehouses in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Cangzhou, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency of transportation and service.


    Professional technology

    Professional technology, strict management and quality inspection system

    High quality

    Produced in strict accordance with national standards

    Perfect service

    Professional sales team, service team

    Application field

    • Floor paintFloor paint
    • PaintPaint
    • AdhesiveAdhesive
    • Composite materialComposite material
    • Potting compoundPotting compound
    • Epoxy A/B glueEpoxy A/B glue

      Floor paint

      The company relies on strong technical support, in the production of Epoxy floor/anticorrosive coating/composite materials/curing agent, the successful customers in the production and application of many problems, to maintain product stability; Epoxy floor paint in the primer, surface coating, Epoxy self-leveling, acid and alkali resistant floor


      Our company R & D A variety of curing agents, including: Stitching agent curing agent/epoxy curing agent/modified Amine curing agent; but also for the majority of customers to provide adhesives/epoxy Ab adhesive/anti-corrosion coatings and other composite materials, the main coatings are: anticorrosive coatings, ink spraying, glass paint


      Our Company produced adhesive/stitching agent curing agent/modified amine curing agent/epoxy AB adhesive and other curing agent materials, stable quality, repeatedly won the trust of customers; ADHESIVES are divided into jewelry glue, Stone Glue, construction glue, sewing agent, electronic bonding

      Composite material

      Composite Material is a new kind of material which is composed of different material components optimized by advanced material preparation technology. The pultrusion process, winding process and hand paste process of our composite materials are good. Secondly, we also provide many kinds of anticorrosive coating epoxy floor paint epoxy epoxy epoxy AB adhesive curing agent materials

      Potting compound

      The Pot sealing material is mainly electronic sealing material, which has strong cold and heat impact ability, no volatile low odor, small curing shrinkage and no deformation, and is suitable for electronic products.

      Epoxy A/B glue

      Epoxy AB adhesive is also known as Epoxy AB adhesive and Epoxy AB adhesive is a two-component heat-resistant adhesive based on epoxy. Epoxy AB adhesive is mainly used for bonding high-temperature resistant metals, ceramics, etc.


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